Why America is Broken Beyond Repair to her Old Self


Please open your eyes citizens of America and the World and come sit with me awhile.

America is broken and beyond repair to her old self. We have spent 104 years fighting the wars of the world and using weapons of mass destruction to protect the freedoms of our people while also fighting threats to democracy around the world all the while creating collateral damage everywhere we went. We have spent money as we could always pay it back or print more. We prioritized militaristic pursuits over that of humanitarian needs. We celebrated capitalism and corporate greed over caring for each other and sharing our abundance. We broke ourselves and now it's time that we recognize the problems and create solutions to overcome them. Let me first list the ways in which America is broken. This brokenness expands to all states and all cities and all villages around the 50 states and all territories. This means as a superpower, the brokenness has expanded globally.

Let me count the top 10 ways…

1. Our Hearts Are Broken

America has a broken heart. We have forgotten how to love one another and how to forgive each other. So much pain, abuse, suffering, divorce, sickness, and destruction has led to a population that lashes out their pain at each other as if it is the only answer they can fathom because they are lost in the wilderness of survival. Every other problem I will list comes from this broken heart of Americans. Stay tuned for the solution.

2. Our Food System is Broken

You program a people by the food you give them…or do not give them. America is addicted to sugar and artificial foods. The first addiction that most of us experience is that of candy, cookies, soda, and processed foods heavily laden with sugar. The Food and Drug Administration happily approves foods for mass consumption with artificial ingredients that are not allowed in any other country. Sugar fundamentally changes the chemistry of our bodies and our brains and deeply influences children and their ability to learn and the adult ability to manage their own self-control and emotions. Add that to the hormones within our meat and dairy and you have a seemingly never-ending contaminated food supply. The biggest culprit to the brokenness of the American society is the false foods that we've been programmed with. Humans are meant to live on fruits, vegetables, and clean meats.

Couple that with extreme poverty. Here in Alaska, a single juicy large apple costs $2.50 while a hormone and sugar-laden hamburger costs $1.50. If you are poor and barely have money for food, you are stuck with a choice between processed and real and the processed wins on price every time. This has to change. On top of that, we are hungry. Every state, city, and village in the country has hungry men, women, and children. Food scarcity is a rampant problem not because of a lack of wealth but because of a heart of greed and fear to share. A lack of good food consistency keeps our people sick and broken both mentally and physically.

3. Our Healthcare System is Broken

70% of Americans are medicated with some sort of pharmaceutical drug. Americans are sick because of the food they eat and the secrets they keep. Plant-based medicines are treated like witchcraft and banned in some parts of the country still and yet the plant-based medicines are more effective and safer with less harmful side effects. The Pharmaceutical companies control the government decisions and again corporate greed and profit mongering break the American people further. Doctors work for Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies and are not free to work for the people because the people don't pay them. This has to change.

4. Our Childcare System is Broken

The necessity for the American public to work long hours for minimal pay creates families that are dependent upon Childcare Services and are no longer raising their children. Divorce results in more single parents and further dependency upon childcare systems. Childcare can be $600-$1000 a month for a single child here in Alaska. That is like a second rent or mortgage payment. Some people work just to pay daycare costs. Additionally, across the spectrum, children are being programmed by the daycare provider which can sometimes be very damaging to the child. Parents also babysit their children with YouTube, the internet, and violent video games thus adding the programming problems within today's children.

5. Our Financial Systems are Broken

The American society was built on capitalism and this idea that you need to pull yourself up from the bootstraps. While that has resulted in tremendously successful stories of entrepreneurship it also has resulted in the massive wealth disparity. In 2011, the top 1% of Americans hold 43% of the wealth, the next 19% of Americans own 50% of the wealth while the bottom 80% own 7% of the wealth. That means that the top 20% of Americans own 93% of the wealth! That is greed at its finest. This means those at the bottom of the pyramid of America's wealth are kept in the demonic bondage of poverty and hopelessness while the CEOs of America's Pharmaceutical companies and Oil Companies gather million-dollar salaries. As a species of one and children of God, we must learn to share better and break the chains of greed and poverty at once.

6. Our Unification is Broken

For many years now America has not been the United States of America. We have been drifting as the populations in each state become their own tribes of unique challenges, mindsets, values, and belief systems. When the founding fathers planted the seeds of our country, I do not believe they meant for the states to forever count on the Federal Government to take care of them. I believe they envisioned a time when states could stand on their own and have sovereignty over their populations. The time has come to discuss the Federated States of America. The time has come to give more freedom to the states to manage their populations instead of applying blanket policies to the very diverse population of the country and expect everyone to come in line. In an economic revolution, each member of each state could say, "No Federal Government I no longer recognize your financial legitimacy and I will pay my tax revenue to my state government so that I can crowdfund my state government instead of to the IRS." In doing this we give the power of the all mighty dollar to the states and the states can choose to pay the federal government for what services they want to receive from the federal government such as military protection or the regulation of our airways. However, the time has come to stop allowing the federal government to tell us how to handle our unique healthcare, education, and infrastructure needs and leave those in the hands of the state governments to truly serve their populations. By giving more freedom to the states you build more self-sustainable economies within each state, and they learn to no longer count on the parenting power of the federal government.

7. Our Spirituality is Broken

Since the 1960s America has slowly taken spirituality out of the lives of our men, women, and children. First with the removal of Biblical teachings in the schools and slowly with a push to remove any reference to God in any of our governance practices. We forget that our founding fathers were driven by God to create our country in the first place. Our constitution speaks of freedom of religion and separation of church and state because the church's influence upon the state was causing corruption and destruction. I support a spiritualistic society. One where you have your own relationship with God. I am Christian and I minister for Christ, but I don't say that you must believe my religion, or you will be condemned. That's how we must approach spirituality in the world. Follow the Light within you and teach children to follow their inner compass early on in life. We must have a return to spirituality in our people. Their distance from God in their hearts has caused them to be broken and lash out their pain on their fellow brothers and sisters forgetting that we are a single species of 1 times 7.6 billion around the planet that God gave us to have stewardship over.

8. Our Selflessness and Servitude is Broken

America is a very selfish and self-serving population. Our capitalist economy has created a mindset of we must first serve ourselves before we can help others. We are not taught as children how to serve others or to serve God first. Human nature is one of self-centeredness and it takes the cultivation of spiritual practice in order to foster an attitude of selflessness and servitude. We are blind to the connection and unification of our species because we are in survival mode. It is much easier to focus on just ourselves than to give mental awareness to the fact that there are starving and suffering children just down the street. It is much easier to serve our needs when we are not connected to an idea of collective consciousness and how every word we think, say, and speak has ripple effects upon the entire species. We must learn to release our ego and serve others again and God will provide.

9. Our Mental Health is Broken

I am a survivor of a school shooting from 23 years ago where a 15-year-old boy listened to the demons in this head so much that he built a bomb under his house, killed his parents and then came to school and shot at me and my friends wounding the 15 others at my cafeteria table that morning and killing one. The demonic bondage of that child's mind caused massive pain and suffering to people he had never met before simply because he wanted to lash his pain out on others. He wanted to be noticed. I am a schizophrenic and I have traveled my own mental health battles in a very broken and incompetent mental health system here in Alaska. The way we handle mental health is to throw those we don't understand into a "psychiatric hospital" and do our best with limited resources to manage them. Healing at all costs doesn't seem to be the focus. It must be if we are to recover as a population. When all humans are subject to mental health challenges at one point in our lives, we must learn to discuss these issues without fear and stop choosing substances to quiet the demons and instead talk about them and teach healthy coping skills. We must recognize spirituality and the human soul in the treatment of mental health. We must stop separating the holy trinity of mind, body, and soul as if that's even possible to heal a human without incorporating all three. We must perform White Room Therapy tactics and focus on healing and performing productive tasks such as growing industrial hemp to help heal these populations and build sustainable futures.

10. Our Prison System is Broken

Humans make mistakes. They make mistakes in judgment, in choices, in words, in actions. They make mistakes and they sin. When they sin against others in the form of a crime then they travel the long-drawn-out process of our criminal justice system, are convicted, and sent to prison. They are picked up out of society and put into the biggest mental health hospitals in the country, our prison system. Here they are committed for a short time or for their entire lives with no hope of leaving that place based on a mistake they made because they were programmed poorly as a human being. Why do we do this? Why do we support this behavior as a species? Why do we continue to have a huge segment of our population confined to these buildings and we do nothing to heal them and put them back into society? I advocate here in Alaska for an Industrial Hemp Pilot Program in our Alaskan prisons. Teach the prisoners to grow hemp, process it into biodegradable plastics, and ship it to the world. Tax it and pay for the Healthcare Fund and use the profits to pay for the room, board, and healing tools for the prisoners. Every prison system should do this. We need to stop throwing away our population members just because they made a mistake. God doesn't do this to you, and we don't need to do it to them. He shows mercy and we need to as well.

This is a shortlist of how America is broken. When you add our availability of guns and our hypocritical status of allowing our Military to lash out pain and violence with guns globally but the desire to take them away from our citizens you also add brokenness. When you add the hypocritical behavior of exposing our children to violent video games and movies from a young age and then acting surprised when they lash out their pain in a mass shooting or other act of violence you begin to really see how America is sick. Our souls are sick and it's time we repented and made better choices for ourselves, our families, and the World around us. We are only as sick as our secrets and in the end, there is true forgiveness and salvation found in the healing power of Jesus Christ. I will warn you that it is not an easy love that God gives us when we choose to submit our lives, our flesh, our desires, our addictions, and our choices to the Lord but it is a love like none other and there is power in the name of Jesus. Please help me heal Alaska and America through Hemp for Healthcare. We must focus on healing our people from the brokenness of an oil-based economy and substance addicted mindset.

I can be reached at 1-907-887-6130 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Visit my website at HempforHealthcare.com. Investors, sponsors and donors are needed! Please help me save our people and donate today here: PayPal.me/HempAlaska.

God Bless You All!

Follow the Light here: www.illuminatiofficial.org and together we will create a New World Order that is better for generations to come!

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