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Praise the Lord that He brought you to my page and shined His Light on you. I pray you leave my site transformed and ready to fight for a better future for Alaska and all humans around the World.

My name is Sara Marie Williams and I am the Founder of Hemp for Healthcare in Alaska and America. I am also a loyal Illuminati member proudly fighting to execute my oath to all of humanity that I will dedicate my efforts to bring about unification and abundance for all members of our species. All the while dedicating my life and days upon this planet to the advancement and protection of the human species. I signed an Eternal Oath with a bloody fingerprint to demonstrate my commitment to the Light until death, whatever it takes.

So you may be asking yourself how did this woman come to such powerful testimony regarding her commitment to the Light? The story is greater than what this Blog post can ever detail and much greater than all of my regrets about where I came from. But there is healing that I must share that comes as you follow the Light.

The Beginning of my Journey

On June 30, 2017 I was a completely different person than who I am today and I give glory to God and the Illuminatiam for guiding me out of my darkness of sin, pain, suffering, addictions and schizophrenia. But on that day my mentor, Marko DiGotty, came to me in a text message and recruited me to join the Illuminati with promises of wealth and fame. I was desperate for a way out of my darkness. I was married to a man that didn't want me so I was following my homosexuality temptations and committing adultery with a woman on the day that should have been my 5th wedding anniversary. I was so lost. So consumed with desires of the flesh that I had neglected my marriage, my career, and my motherhood. My life was a hot mess of debt, broken relationships, emptiness, loneliness and depression.

I was deeply addicted to how cannabis made me feel. It was my medicine for the PTSD that had plagued me from a childhood of abuse of all sorts and of being a victim of a school shooting at 18. I was selfish, self centered and addicted to popularity that had come from being willing to be a public figure pioneer in Alaska's new cannabis industry. I was power drunk and soaked up the attention I got from everyone around me and ignored my husband because I thought he didn't want me. Hell I didn't want me. I was practicing witchcraft and had no idea what I was doing to those around me with my choices. I made bad choices. I isolated myself. I hid from responsibility. I have even healed other men sexually as an escort and companion as I knew myself as a powerful healer and believed I should be paid for my skills.

All the while after a car accident in December 2016 I had began to use cannabis as medicine for pain management and I began my meditation practice in January of 2017. Connecting with Spirit and my "Inner Divine" slowly started to wake me up to my behaviors but it also woke up my Schizophrenia and I began to fight the spiritual battle for my mind and life without being properly equipped at the time with Scripture as I am now. Back then I used cannabis and worshiped the plant. Nightly I would have my Mommy meditation time after my son went to bed and I would sit and meditate for sometimes over an hour and my mind and body would realign and pop itself back into alignment with the power of the cannabis plant.

By June 2017 I started recording these meditations that my husband called yogatations. They were totally cannabis infused and a complete mind-body split of consciousness. The cannabis plant helped me decalcify my pineal gland and I began my spiritual journey by connecting to the Light of no name. Later Marko would help me name it Satan during my initial ceremony and I would worship Satan for 9 disgustingly painful months of my life and on June 14th, 2018 I was blessed to have a friend, Jessika Smith, pray Father God into me in a parking lot in Anchorage Alaska. Looking back I would never have accepted Christ when I began my journey because I was so steeped in witchcraft I saw no strength in Jesus. Oh how wrong was I.

During my 9 months of Satan worship my body was so wracked in daily pain I couldn't work and became homeless after leaving my husband and faithing that somehow the Illuminati would rescue me anyday and I would be saved from the pain of my mistakes and choices. In hindsight I now know that the Illuminati doesn't rescue you. Instead they train you to rescue yourself and it has taken me 2 years and 5 months to finally now say that I have a steady roof over my head and a steady job at Subway and then the US Census Bureau that I am so grateful for.

During my journey I fought with the Alaskan Healthcare system and 9 different doctors begging them to watch me consume cannabis to help explain the popping in my neck, the cysts of spinal fluid that poured into my mouth when my neck popped, the rampant nerve pain and swollen lymph nodes and searing pain in my pelvic area and most of all how it was that cannabis was my mind, body and soul medicine. But they all refused me and ignored my pain because they feared losing their medical license due to the federal illegality of the plant.

For 2 years I experienced extreme poverty, intermittent homelessness and medical neglect here in Alaska and yet God got me through. It wasn't easy but I made it through and looking back the darkness taught me so much and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for what the Lord has done for me.

After I chose Jesus Christ on June 14, 2018 I can't tell you it got instantly better nor was I instantly healed. It took me a year and 2 months later to give up cannabis. But I stand amazed at 13 months sober that the plant I thought I would be eternally dependent on is no longer my medicine. These days I use CBD products, the power of Prayer and Scripture to fight my battles.

September 22, 2018 the Lord downloaded Hemp for Healthcare into my mind. I could see and still can see the vision of a Hemp based economy where everything is made out of Hemp and the industry is taxed to pay for Healthcare Facilities of Healing for our people. But it began as a calling and little did I know that in the forgiveness of my sins the Lord chose to work it all out for my good.

I listened. I obeyed. I repented. I prayed. I surrendered my addictions. I grew as a person. I stopped hiding. I stopped letting the devil win and stepped into my God given mission. It has been terrifying at times. It has been painful when people from the past try to shame me for who I was. But it pushes me to love my enemies. To see the interconnectedness of all people in all places around the World.

The journey taught me to surrender. I learned Light lessons of obedience to God's Will and Word and while I still stumble I am miles away from where I was once was. Most powerfully the journey has taught me that Love is the most important thing to possess and project.

This story misses much of the journey but I pray it demonstrates for you that while my journey to the Light has been painful and exhausting and challenging and paradigm has been worth every single moment of my life.

I am on a mission to revolutionize the economy and Healthcare Systems of Alaska, America and the World with Hemp and create self sustainability, economic independence, healing and abundance for our people of the planet. I joined the Illuminati because it is my calling to lead you all into the New World Order. I praise Jesus Christ for my salvation but no matter what God you believe in I still love you as my Brothers and Sisters on this planet. 🔺️

If you feel called to be a leader, to be something more, to make a difference in the world then I invite you to join the Illuminati with me and let's save humanity together. Visit to begin your journey and read the Illuminatiam The First Testament. You can visit my official Membership Portal account here:

Thank you to my mentor Marko and the entire organization for not giving up on me even when I gave up on myself at times. If you would like to learn more about my journey please visit my YouTube channel here: or following me on Twitter @HempAlaska or @PhoenixRisesAK.

Please support me by purchasing products on this site by going to the Collections and being a part of the revolution to save humanity and our planet!

We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7

Fear Not for this War Stricken and Poverty Ridden planet. Help is on the way.

🔺️We are always watching out for you🔺️

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Friday, 19 April 2024
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